Berlin Mitte Institut + Florian Meindl + SoundCloud = Wow.

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Berlin Mitte Institut + Florian Meindl + SoundCloud = Wow.

A big hello from this non-heated and rowdy flat near Queens Rd. Peckham, on this non-stop rainy London day. So, the Berlin Mitte Institut für Bessere Elektronische Musik (the Berlin Mitte Institute) got together with Florian Meindl for a four hour long WebTV show to produce a track. We got together with the host Jan Kühn aka Fresh Meat and asked him about this interesting project.
Tell us a little bit more about the project, how did you got to team up with Florian Meindl for this project?

The Berlin Mitte Institut seeks to produce radio and WebTV shows that touches upon new things. The radio landscape in the techno scene mainly focuses on dj mixes, or inviting big names to your radio show. In the end, everybody does the same: One more radio show or dj mix to listen to and download. But we want to take the new democratising technologies a bit further and produce content, which has not been done before and also of special cultural value. You can see this on our shows. We broadcast live track productions, as well as focusing on topics that are normally not covered by the usual techno press. We also produce shows explaining the correlations of booking agencies and the techno scene, along with shows that pin points the relationship between the techno scene and its distributors.

Our next show will be a live broadcast from a Berlin club featuring 8 live interviews, which will be put together as a Youtube Doku playlist. We will interview people from professions go more unnoticed (waiters, technicians, runners, bouncer, night manager etc.), yet are vital to the the club functioning as a whole. We always try to connect the promotion of our guests through our channels with the connection to interesting topics that under the surface concern the techno scene.

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